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Your body knows what it needs – our products deliver potent plant molecules like adaptogens and antioxidants that your body selects and uses to repair, rebuild and rebalance.

We have used ancient knowledge and modern science to unlock the healing powers of natural plant molecules to restore health and wellness.

Adaptogens are a unique class of healing plants: They help balance, restore and protect the body.

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Mind Aflight

Mind Aflight

Mind Aflight Nootropic Blend is the perfect product for NuYugen networkers building a business.

Each day, tens of millions of people across North America wake up to the comforting aroma of their favorite “cuppa”. Many say they can’t get going without it. They enjoy their next cup in the break room at work. Perhaps a third one at the neighborhood coffee shop on the way home.

It’s sociable. What better way to share your highest aspirations and juiciest secrets with a friend, a neighbor or a relative than beginning the conversation with “let’s have a cup of coffee”?

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10 pack Mind Aflight
10 pack Mind Aflight

10 pack Mind Aflight

Anybody can convince someone to try something once. But if the taste sensation is an unpleasant experience, that person may never try the product again. We took this into account right from the beginning, and the people in our test market group say they are delighted how successful this product will be.

A Foundational Product for Healthy Cognitive Function and a Cup Full of Delicious Clarity.

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10 pack Mind Aflight
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10 pack Mind Aflight
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